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The history of facebook

Here you can read about face books history, from the beginning until today.



Mark Zuckerberg psychology student at Harvard University when he got the idea for his pet project The Face Mash.
The Face Mash was to find out who was the "hottest" moments among States. The user saw two random images of two different students and would then decide who was the "hottest". Based on how users selected did it to show how popular (or unpopular) each student was.

The application itself is not so remarkable, however, is the way Zuckerberg got the pictures he used more controversial.
He hacked namely into Harvard's network and stole the photos used on the ID cards that students showed up when passing control to the student apartments.

University accused Mark of hacking, copyright infringement and for violating personal privacy. But i went free with a warning,


The facebook is born..

At Harvard, there was something called Facebook, a printed skolkatalog that was designed to help students get to know each other. There was an idea that everyone was waiting for that was to create a comprehensive version of Facebook which brought together all the students at the school.

Zuckerberg grew tired of waiting for that Harvard would take up Facebook and decided therefore to create your own version.
With the help of his friends Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Mokovitz, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum could finalize the plan.

In February 2004, we completed The Facebook (which was then at the address www.thefacebook.com).

Zuckerberg started to market the service and within a month, half of the students at Harvard have become members.


.. and spread

The Facebook allowed from the start only students from Harvard to become members but because the school did not own app could spread it to more schools. After one year, students from other universities and joined. The Facebook was also open to high schools but then you must also have been invited. They also released after a while the people from selected companies like Apple and Microsoft.

"The facebook" changed to "facebook"

In August 2005 they buy the domain name facebook.com for 200 000 dollars and changed its name to just Facebook (without the "the"..)


Open for everyone

Many protested, but in September 2006 Facebook opened to the public with the only requirements that it would be over 13 years old and have a valid e-mail address.


Tragic event helps Facebook

Facebook continued to grow, but it was through a tragic event that you got her big break. After the massacre, April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), where 32 people were killed, the interest for information tremendously.
Pupils at the school wrote about events on Facebook and updated as soon as they learned more about the details of what happened at the school.

Before the media could get the news reporters on the spot where the students and their stories the best source of information to report from and suddenly everyone knew the U.S. what Facebook was.

The number of members increased exponentially.


Money and facebook

Many investors are interested in Facebook and the first to inject money was Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal), which in June 2004 invested $ 500 000. In the coming year there will be over 40 million dollars.

The money was, however, quick access, the results for 2005 showed a loss of over $ 6,000,000.

In March 2006 it was reported that it declined a bid on Facebook at 750 million dollars. Rumors say that the bid reached as high as $ 2 billion.

Several companies including Yahoo, Microsoft and Google have shown interest in buying up Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg says he is not particularly interested in a sale.

However, continued investment in Facebook (Microsoft owns shares) and today the company is valued at between 3 and 5 billion.

2008 Facebook had revenues of about $ 300 million. Investors have previously been the largest source of income but now also make money on advertising.
Since Facebook has full control of their users and their profiles can target advertising precisely to the target audience you are looking for, which is every marketer's dream.


A protracted process

2009, after a lengthy process in which the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra accused Mark Zuckerberg to both stealing the idea and source code from their own site ConnectU, they manage to get $ 65 million to the settlement, of which a portion of the payment was shares in Facebook.


Criticism and the future of facebook

It has raised a lot of critical voices against Facebook over the years.

Security is said to be deficient and outsiders have managed to get over-protected account details, and Facebook has also won a lawsuit against a person who managed to use Facebook to send out advertising in the form of spam to members (without paying for it).

The rights and privacy on Facebook has also been discussed extensively. Facebook reserves the right to use the information you put up and it is also difficult to actually close an account.


Whatever criticism is Facebook one of the world's most used social networks, and users will only be more and more (although of course there are also those who drop out and stop using Facebook).

From the beginning, all the information text based on Facebook but the service is constantly evolving and today you can upload photos, send graphic greetings, play games and much more. External developers can now build their own add-making opportunities increased for even more creative applications.

The question is how Facebook will look like in the future and how great it can finally be. Today there is almost one billion accounts on facebook.



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