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Your guide to facebook

Create your facebook - user account

Step 1 - The beginners guide to Facebook


Here I will guide you through the first steps when you to get your own user account on facebook.


Account details

The first thing you must do is to fill in youraccount details


Enter your real name otherwise it will be difficult for others to find you as a friend

E-mail address

Enter an address you actually use because it will be sent an email that you must confirm. Be sure that you enter the correct email address!


Use as a secure password as possible. Preferably 8 characters, mixed with large and small letters, numbers and other characters.
It is also good if you use a unique password for facebook (and on all other places where you create an account. There's always a risk that the sites you use get hacked and if yo use the same user namne and password in multiple places, those who come across your information also can access you accounts on all sites where you use the same user name and password.
You can change your password later.


Enter your gender.

Date of birth

Enter your birth date. Fill in the correct information if you want it to be easier for others to find you.

Imagecheck (sk. captcha)

Now you get a picture and you have to enter what you see in in it. (Used so facebook knows that it is a human that creates the account and not an automatic "robot".).

Confirm your email address

Now you get a message telling you to confirm your email address. You do this by checking if you received a message to the address you provided. Click on the link in the message to confirme that you have recieved it.

(Usually, you get the confirmation mail within a few minutes but be patient. It can take much longer. If it doesn't show up within a few days you should start from scratch. Chances are that you entered a wrong e-mail adress or that something went wrong in the registrations process. The e-mail check is done to let facebook know that there is a real person that gets the mail. and also to chech that the entered e-mail address works.

When you click on the link, you should come to a page where it says that your user account is ready to use. If it doesn't work directly, try click the link in the email again. If it still doesn't work. try to cut the link from the mail and paste into the adress field on you webbrowser. (Some e-mailprograms destroy the links)


When you get to the page after you have clicked the link in the mail you should be able to log in. If it does'nt work, click on the facebooklogotype in the upper left corner. When you get to the startpage you can try to log in again.

Find friends on facebook

Facebook will now wants to get access to your address book to see if they found there are members. I strongly recommend that you skip this step by using the link at the bottom right.
You can find friends in better ways later.
(you probably do not want to be friends on facebook with everyone in your address book and you don't want them all to get spammed with invitations from facebook).

Enter your profile information on facebook
Here you can enter information about high school, college and work.If you enter the information it will be easier for your friends to find you on facebook, so fill in as much as possible right now, or add it later.


Fill in what city you are from.

Welcome to facebook!

Now you are ready to start using facebook.

Facebook encourage you to start looking friends, but before then it is good if take a look at your settings. You reach them at the top in the settings menu in facebook.

Click here to go to step 2 where you can learn more about:

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Do you have childrens?

The best way to protect your children is to learn more. Start your own account on facebbok to understand whats it's about.

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Facebook tips and advices

If you want to get some advices on facebook about security, integrity and other thing you should consider when you use facebook:

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Problems to log in to facebook?

If you have problem with the facebook login you should check out this guide.

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