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Here you find some frequently asked questions and answers about Facebook. You are welcome to email your own questions and I'll answer them to the best of ability.


I have a friend that have deceased and he has a facebook account. What should I do?

If you are a close relative of someone who has a page on Facebook, you should apply for his part, turned into a memorial page (to memoralize it)
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I want to delete facebook

If you want to erase your facebook page or account you can find more information here:
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Does it cost anything to use facebook?

Facebook and all the basic functions are free.

Who uses facebook?

Everyone From the beginning it was mostly students, but today i the largest growth of new members on facebook is aged between 35-49 years.

What does it take to become the Facebook?

You have to create an account by entering a name, a working e-mail address and password, and some obligatory information about yourself such as gender and date of birth.

What should I think of as a parent of children who use facebook?

Read through this website, including the part "Some good advices" and then discuss with your child about how it works.

I have heard that it is not possible to delete information on facebook?

Nowadays, you can disable your account.

Is it difficult to use facebook?

There are many differnet tools and settings you use so it may be a bit confusing for the beginners, but if you try them out you will learn how it works.

Is Facebook really hot?

There are always those who want's to be "cool" always looking for new trends and services, abandon "yesterday news". Among them of course, facebook isn't hot anymore. The service has existed for several years now. But it will constantly benew members and old one will stick to it. Facebook is well established that it is unlikely to disappear and the number of users grow everyday.

I can't upload pictures on facebook, what am I doing wrong!

It is not at all certain that you are doing something wrong. Sometimes facebook stops working. Have you tried to upload pictures on various occasions, it may be that you have not installed their image upload application. It should be installed automatically but you may have to accept it to make it work.Check the appearance of a yellow message box in the address bar in top of the browser. There you can approve the application.

Can I use facebook as a professional?

The aim was initially for users to use facebook for fun but the statistics show that more and more find jobs through networking and friends they have on facebook and it's becoming more and more popular amongst companies. But there are other social networks where the purpose is solely to build business networks and generate business, find new jobs, etc..

I have heard that facebook is unsecure?

It would be disaster for facebook if information about users would slip out in a big scale. They do what they can to make it secure. Unfortunetly it's not possible to ensure that information about you will be completely secure.
It is free for third parties to build applications for facebook and there is always a risk that they abused your rights.
In the case of other members of facebook, you can not be sure that they really are who they pretending to be.

Can you delete friends that you do not want to keep?

There is no problem to delete friends on facebook. In the menu at the top of the site there is a link "friends". . Clicking on it will give you a list of all your friends and for each friend there is a check box that you use to remove the friend.

What is the wall?

All members have a sort of bulletin board where they can communicate. If you write a message, you can choose whether to send it to your friends and then it will be visible on their walls. Has anyone written somethin in your Wall, you should answer on the others wall (click on the name of the person who wrote on your wall to get there).

I am 47 years, can I use facebook or is it just for young people?

No, the greatest increase in members at the moment is actually among 35-54 years.


Problems with facebook log in?

Its easy to log in to facebook but sometimes simple mistakes can mess it up.

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Use good manners

As in real life you have to follow some social rules to be accepted and to have people to like you.

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Getting started with facebook

If you don't already have a facebook account you should follow our step by step guide.

Beginners guide to Facebook »


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