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Deceased facebook user?

If you are a friend or close relative of someone who died and who has a page on Facebook, you should ask for his part made ​​into a memorial page.


When someone passes away, many people want to conserve memory by allowing the person's side remain. Those who know the person often write something such as one last salute to the deceased or to show the bereaved their participation.

Close relatives also tend to like to keep the account as a memory, which is often the images and texts that the dead man had written.
It is therefore not uncommon for those who have access to the dead man's credentials go in and write directly on the page.
It may be to thank for participation, maybe write about good memories you have about the person needs. It is natural and part of the sadness processing. By keeping his personal life at the preserves also the memory of the person.

My advice is, nevertheless, still not to continue with it any longer. First, given the deceased friends and partly to actually violate Facebook's rules.
If you use a deceased person's account, those who have them as a friend to be notified on their side that looks to be from the dead. It may seem uncomfortable for many. Facebook sees the addition of unauthorized use of someone else's account. (If you as a relative example, to get the credentials of a deceased person as Facebook does not allow it).

You can apply to make a facebook account a memorial page on facebook.

Whether you have access to the deceased's credentials or not you can apply to take part transformed into a memory page (memorialize as Facebook calls it).
This means that the page will remain while some functions are disabled, such as status updates while it is just already confirmed friends can see the page since become a memory page.

If you want to apply for making a personal page to the memory page you must include specify the relationship you have to the person but also provide some form of proof that the person is dead.

Use the link below to apply to the facebook:

Apply for a memorial page (memorialize) »

As a close relative, you can also request that the page be removed completely. Use the same application as above, but set in the "additional information" that you prefer to hand removed completely. Note that you can not repent.


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