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Here I have collected some facts on Facebook for those who are interested in some numbers and statistics. Take the numbers with a grain of salt for Facebook is growing all the time so the numbers change! Some facts are also difficult to confirm with certainty.


Facebook was started in 2004 at Harvard in the United States and was created by Mark Zuckerberg who was then only 19 years old.

2008, Mark Zuckerberg former roommate out a huge amount through a settlement. Room Buddy accused Mark to both stealing the idea for the site and the source code.

From the beginning, could only students at Harvard to become members.

Until 2005 called Facebook, the Facebook. Facebook allegedly purchased domain jellyfish facebook.com for 200 000 dollars.

Facebook claimed to have over 800 mijoner active members and approximately 300 million users who log on to Facebook daily.

There are over 10 billion images that users uploaded to Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has been offe $ 975 million for Facebook but has declined.

Facebook has over 700 employees.

There will be approximately 250,000 new multiuser per day.

To handle the facebook system it requires about 30 000 servers.

The age group 35-54 years are currently (spring 2009) the fastest growing ålderskategoring, closely followed by group 55 +

There are more women (about 55%) who use Facebook than men.

College Students aged 18-24 are still the largest user group, but it decreases steadily as the others discover Facebook.

According to Alexa Facebook was the fourth most visited website in May 2009.

United States accounts for the majority of users with approximately 29%

There are approximately 258,600 links to facebook.com.

The average Facebook user uses an average of 25 minutes per day.

According to Facebook members have an average of 120 friends.
(More than 5000, you may not have ..)

Over 7,000 applications have been developed to face books platform. (But many have also deleted by Facebook as they kept inside viruses or otherwise not kept the measure.)

Together spends all Facebook users over 5700 years per day on Facebook.

The recharged run 14 million photos on Facebook every day.

There are around 6 million user groups.

Data are from a few different websites and the figures available with I've found at least three different places, but if they are correct, it can not be sure.

The statistics in terms of traffic and visitors as well as demography is taken from Alexa.


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