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Your guide to facebook

What is facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website where you can stay in touch with your friends, meet new ones and connect to old ones.


Facebook, a way to hang out..

Facebook is a so-called social network (or community if you like) and the purpose is simply to socialize with others over the Internet. For example, you can look up old class mates, work colleagues, and keep in touch with your relatives and friends etc.. and share information, and pictures with them.

You can send messages and write on your friends wall (a kind of bulletin board) and it's also possible to upload pictures and videos or use any of all the applications that are available. With the applications it's also possbile to play games and compete.

.. with real friends

Unlike many otherof the social networks on the Internet facebook wants you to use use your real name so that you can determine who should be you friend and have access to the information that you post on your wall.
Once you become a member of facebook, you can search for friends and ask them to become their friend. They decide wether or not they they want to be friends with you. Others may also ask you to be their friend and it's up to you to decide. You're in charged of what information you want to share and to whom.

Once you have one or more friends you can send message, upload photos, write in your friends wall and use a variety of different applications.

Facebook is simply a tool that helps you to socialize, and an advantage against the real life is that you can reach all your friends at once when you have something you want to tell or share with them.

Find old friends with Facebook

Facebook is also a perfect place to find the people you lost touch in with eg old classmates or work mates. You can search for particular towns and schools you went to. If you wWant to find new friends, people you do not already know, there are many opportunities for it in facebook.

There are particular groups where people that share similar interests can be involved. Being a member in a gruop is also a way get to know new people that you can be friends with.

Facebook also has a automatic function that suggest people they think you might be friends with based upon the profile you specified in your setting. For example people who went to the same university as you at the same time, or just people with the same interest.

Your'e in charge

As a user, you decide how you want to use facebook. Many see it as a pleasure and a way to socialize with their closest friends, others see it as a way to build a network that can help them in their career. Many users also get involved in groups that to create public opinion on various political issues or simply to promote a company or a product.

Facebook is free

Facebook is free (but as everyone knows, nothing is really free :-) Facebook earn some of their money on ads. They collects a lot of information about their users, and can offer targeted ads to their customers.
That can also be good for you as a user if you filled out your profile right. Are you for axample a movie freak, you will get ads about movies and hopefully avoid having ads on the things that your'e not interest in.


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