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Facebook FAQ

The purpose of this website, facebook FAQ, is to be a guide to facebook with information for both beginners and more experienced users and other that want to learn more. Here you will find the answers to your questions about Facebook.


FAQ, as most of you probably already know, stands for " Frequently Asked Questions". In a web context, it would mean collecting the frequently asked questions and answers in one place making it easy to find for the visitors.

This sites goal is meant to serve as a FAQ in which you get answers to your most common questions about facebook.

It also provides answers to questions facebook user may not have thought about, eg such as the safety and user rights on facebook. (Many of the advice is sensible to follow at other social networking websites where you registrer accounts and add information about yourself...)

Facebook is a really good service, but you should know the risks involved to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Facebook FAQ contains (in addition to a traditional FAQ) tips & advices, a guide for beginners, and some background information in the form of facts and history.

The background to why I produced this site is that I had many questions and reflections when I started using facebook and wanted to learn more.

I hope that you may benefit from the site.

And please let me know if it has been useful or if you want me to change or add anything!


Avoid loosing your facebook account!

You need your e-mail to communicate with facbook. If you loose it you can loose the control of you facebook account.

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Facts about facebook?

Are you looking for facts and figures abut facebook? You can find it here:

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Delete facebook?

Have you already used facebook and want to quit? It's not as easy as you could think to erase your facebook account..

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