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Getting personal contact with facebook is not the easiest. Does the numbers, they have bark 200 million active users, one can understand that it is not so easy for them to have time to answer all questions personally. But it is really frustrating for users who need help .. Support is something they need to look at ..


It is absolutely impossible to find a general email address for contacting Facebook, instead, they have chosen to create different contact forms for different types of problems that may arise.

Below I have listed the most common problems with the link to the corresponding form. Before using any of the links to the forms you should be sure to be logged into Facebook.


Problems with the confirmation email from Facebook.

The link below allows you to use if you do not receive a confirmation email or when you receive an error message when you try to use the link supplied in the email.
If you do not receive the email then check that the confirmation email from Facebook has accidentally ended up as spam in your email program.
If you get the email and the link does not work you can try to copy the entire link and paste it into the address bar of your browser (Web-based email programs such as spray-mail, hotmail etc. can sometimes destroy links).
Link to contact form on facebook if you have problem with yoyr registration »


Problem with facebook login

If you can not login to facebook or not access email on your account:
Contact form facebook »


Notification to facebook about violatations

In many places in Facebook has links to report people who break the face books terms of use. But there is also a direct link to a registration form:
Report breach of the Terms of Use »

Abuse on facebook

If you want to report any kind of abuse you can send an e-mail to:


Report fake user profiles

If you find someone on Facebook claiming to be someone they are, you can report it here:
Report fake users »


Remove your account

You can always deactivate your account with Facebook. All your account information is left and if you want you can at any time to start using them again. But if you decide that you really want to delete your account permanently, there is a link that you can use, but it requires you to be logged into Facebook. Please note, you will NOT regret it if you delete your account.
To permanently erase facebook account »


If your account has been disabled

Can not log into Facebook for your account has been disabled, you can, lo and behold, actually sending an email to get it activated. Note that you must send from the same email address you specified in your account.
mail to:disabled@facebook.com

You can find more help att facebook, helpcenter »


Facebook beginner?

If you are a beginner, check out our beginners guide to facebook. You will learn the basic about you facebookaccount, pages, wall etc.

Facebook guide »

Facebook facts

Statitics and other facts about facebook:

Facebook Facts »

Use good manners

As in real life you have to follow some social rules to be accepted and to have people to like you.

How to behave on facebook »