Social Media and Facebook FAQ

Your guide to facebook

Social media and Facebook FAQ

Social Media and Facebook FAQ is a guide aimed at those who want to learn more about the world's most popular social network.

Please observe, this is not an Official website from Facebook. Its a personal website. If you want to reach the official website of facebook please click here.

Whether you already are a facebook user or not yet a member, you can benefit from looking through facebook FAQ.

Parents or others that is generally interested in learning more about facebook will also find a lot that is worth reading.

Facebook is the perfect way to keep in touch with relatives, classmates, work colleagues and all other of your friends.


But it can be a bit difficult to understand all the features that facebook offers and there are also a lot of questions about user rights, your privacy and security. Stuff that anyone who uses facebook should acquaint themselves in. Some times you also can encounter problems, for example with the Facebook login or whit other functions. Here you hopefully can find som help.

This site, Facebook FAQ, is no comprehensive "Bible" but I have taken up the areas that I think are important or interesting.
For novice users of facebook, there is a beginner's guide where I go through most of the steps needed to start using facebook.

I hope that you will have some form of benefit from the visit!
You are welcome to contact me to ask questions or just say hello!

Good luck with your life on facebook!


Beginners Guide

If you are a beginner on facebook, check out our guide. You will learn the basic about you facebook account, pages etc.

Facebook beginners guide »

Facebook Login

Sometimes the Facebook Login simply want work. Here you find the solution to some of the problems that can occur.

Facebook Login»

Do you have childrens?

The best way to protect your children is to learn more. Start your own account on facebbok to understand whats it's about.

Advices to parents »


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